TVM is an open deep learning compiler stack for cpu, gpu and specialized accelerators.
I lead the effort to generate high-performance programs with machine learning techniques. Check out the tutorials on template-based autotvm and template-free auto-scheduler (a.k.a Ansor).


MAgent is a many-agent reinforcement learning platform.
It aims at taking the number of agents in deep reinforcment learning into million scale.

Compiler Malic

Malic is the winner compiler (1/25) in Compiler 2017 at ACM Class.
It compiles a java-like language to x86-64 asm with basic optmization techniques.
I wrote 10000+ lines for it in 2 months.


goGFS is a simple implementation of the Google File System (GFS) in golang.
It is tested with a small cluster of inexpensive machines (1 master, 12 chunkservers and 12 clients). Fault tolerance is provided.


WSC is a C-minus compiler runs on the Casio fx-9860 graphing calculator.
FVM is a virtual machine to provide the runtime for the bytecode generated by WSC.
With WSC & FVM, you can compile C-minus programs direcly on a Casio fx-9860 calculator.

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